Gabriel Garcia

Gabriel Garcia has worked through the years with IATI Theater, LaTea, The Fringe, La Estrada, Borrow Group Theater, Prospect Theater, The Park Theater, among others, in various technical roles. He began his theater journey with The Hudson Exploited Theater Company (HExtc) as tech specialist. He studied Devised Theater under Martin Balmaceda in a workshop at IATI theater in 2012. Being part of the music project Profeta Poeta with Haydn Diaz, the three ultimately met on his acting debut of Curing the Void at Dixon Place in 2014. He played Jas in a staged reading done in Spanish of Winter of April at La Nacional in 2015 and has worked with directors Arian Blanco (Cuban Operator Please…), Rene Bush (La Strada), Mariana Carreño (Light of Night), and Ramiro Sandoval (Winter of April).  Drummer, poet, musician, sound designer and–above all–artist, Gabriel Garcia received his B.A in philosophy from Rutgers University.



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