Alex J. Moreno

Currently working out of New York, he has collaborated with The PIT, Dixon Place, IATI Theater, NYU Writers lab, Columbia’s MFA Directors & Writers program, the Robert Moss Theater, and The New York International Fringe Festival. He’s been lucky enough to be part of several projects overseen by the guidance of directors such as Anne Bogart (SITI), Gregory Mosher (Lincoln Center), and Brian Kulick (CSC).  Focusing mainly on creating new works for the modern day canon: writing, devising, and improvisation has become a part of his process towards each creation.

As a member of the Rabbit Hole Alternative theater in NY, our devised piece “Curing the Void” was accepted to FringeNYC 2015 and will be performed with Alex as a lead. In Miami he studied Theater at Florida International University and would go on to help establish “The Front Yard Theater Collective” a Miami based Improv & Sketch group that currently works with the City of Miami.

He believes in the power of laughter and in the simplicity required to trigger it. He believes in moments that last an eternity and finding an eternity within a moment. He believes that the power of Empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another) is worth cultivating and that the quickest path to its growth in our society, is Theater.

Alex J Moreno


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